• Gluten free Thanksgiving pie

    My family has a few food challenges to deal with.  My youngest has a peanut allergy and I have a gluten intolerance and I am attempting to avoid dairy.  Now, my condition is not life threatening directly and I have worked with many others who have far more restrictions than my family so I am in no way complaining.  Anytime you deal with restrictions on a diet, things become challenging.

    During the holidays, food is at the center of most celebrations which is never a good thing for those of us dealing with limitations on the food we can eat.  Luckily, I host the Thanksgiving celebration for my family and therefore, I get to pretty much dictate the menu and what all goes into each dish (the down side, of course, is spending a good deal of time in the kitchen).  I tinkered with a few family recipes and all the food met the approval of even my pickiest little eater.  We even managed to have a gluten free dressing.

    Now, I’m a dessert person (I know, you all are shocked, SHOCKED!), and Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without pie.  Usually, I make a run of pies, fudge and pumpkin are my family’s favorites, following the traditional, gluten filled recipes.  I also make a couple of gluten free pies for my mother, who is also gluten free, and myself to enjoy.  Unfortunately, my mother had minor surgery on her mouth and was restricted in her diet this year so that left me to eat the gluten free pies all by my lonesome.  I decided after a lengthy debate with myself that I didn’t really need an entire fudge pie AND a pumpkin pie, so I made a gluten free fudge pie to enjoy.  Here it is:

    Gluten free fudge pie

    Gluten free fudge pie

    I am definitely enjoying this pie, especially with a little dairy free cool-whip to go with it!  I’m definitely going to have to spend more time at the gym than in front of my stove for the foreseeable future, but this pie was definitely worth it!  I’m hoping my mom is healed by Christmas so I can have an excuse to make this fudge pie again as well as a gluten free pumpkin pie.  Might as well enjoy over the holidays you know, because after Christmas, it’s a long, treat-free time until Valentine’s Day!

    In case you are wondering, I do offer these gluten free pies for sale so if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll hook you up!

    Until later,

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