Serving guide and pricing

Serving Sizes:

At Absolute Confection, our custom cakes are four inches tall and include four layers of cake and three layers of filling.  The serving size of a cake varies widely based on how the cake is cut.  The serving size chart below for our round and square cakes is based on party cake serving sizes.  For each cake, there is a range of serving sizes, with the smaller total serving size based on a 2″ by 2″ by 4″ serving and the larger total serving size based on a 1.5″ by 2″ by 4″ serving (a larger slice of cake will result in a lower number of total servings and a smaller slice of cake will result in a larger number of total servings).  The chart below is meant as a guide to help clients determine what size cake to order.

Cake size

Servings for round cake

Servings for square cake

6 inch


9 – 12

8 inch

12 – 16

16 – 20

9 inch

15 – 19

20 – 26

10 inch

20 – 25

25 – 32

12 inch

28 – 36

36 – 45

Absolute Confection also offers a two-inch high sheet cake in a variety of sizes.  Servings for the sheet cakes are based on a serving size of 2″ by 2″ by 2″.

Sheet cake size


9” x 13”


11” x 15”


12” x 18”



There are many items to consider when quoting the price for a cake, including the level of detail and man hours required to produce the end result. We have a starting point of $3.00 per serving for our double layer buttercream cakes and $4.00 per serving for fondant covered cakes.  Our single layer sheet cakes have a starting point of $2.00 per serving.

If the cake is minimal in detail, the price typically remains at the base price. However, if a cake has many components or intricate details, the price will more likely be higher. We understand if you are on a tight budget and we strive to offer fun and sophisticated cakes at all price points.

With your input and inspiration from your invitation, party décor, or theme we can create a memorable, peanut and tree nut free cake for your next special occasion!

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